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White Tara Gold Mandala Unbrocaded Thangka

White Tara Gold Mandala Unbrocaded Thangka

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White Tara is the female Buddha of longevity, and she removes obstacles, heals illness, and promotes long life in order to be able to continue practicing the Dharma. The eyes in her palms, feet and forehead represent her maternal compassion and her ability to see and aid all who are suffering. She is depicted at the center of the fine textured painted gold mandala on a black background with Shakyamuni, Tara, and Manjushri in the petals of the lotus surrounding her. In the four corners are Vajrayogini in different manifestations including Maitridakini and Indradakini. A Heruka and dragons guard the edges. 

This is an older thangka, light paint chipping shown in photos. 


Canvas 25.25" x 22.25"


This thangka does not have brocade, and is the canvas only. Brocade can be added upon request for an additional $250. 


All items are final sale, no refunds or exchanges are accepted. 

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