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Shakyamuni Rainbow Body Mandala Unbrocaded Thangka

Shakyamuni Rainbow Body Mandala Unbrocaded Thangka

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Shakyamuni, the historic Buddha, is depicted in rainbow body at the center of his mandala palace in fine textured gold paint. The attainment of the Rainbow Body is the highest form of realization, it is total liberation of the body, mind, energy from physicality. In death the practitioner dissolves into light and usually his hair and nails are the only things left behind, achieved through a lifetime of mind purification and cultivation. Shakyamuni's left hand holds a begging bowl, and his right hand is in gesture of bowing to the earth which represents his enlightenment under the bodhi tree. Depicted above are Chenrezig, Shakyamuni, And Guru Rinpoche. Below are Manjushri and Lama Tsongkhapa. Shakyamuni's mantra is  ' Om mune mune mahamunaye svaha'.



Canvas 25.25" x 17" 

This thangka does not have brocade, and is the canvas only. Brocade can be added upon request for an additional $250. 

 All items are final sale, no refunds or exchanges are accepted

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