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Rainbow Body Guru Rinpoche Dragon Brocade Thangka

Rainbow Body Guru Rinpoche Dragon Brocade Thangka

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Guru Rinpoche achieved rainbow body at his death after three years of strict retreat, dissolving his body into light and leaving behind only his hair, nails and clothing. Achieving rainbow body is the pinnacle of spiritual development and the highest forms of realization as it is total liberation of the body, mind and energy from the physical into five colored light.

Guru Rinpoche holds a vajra in his right hand and a skull cup in his left that contains the nectar of longevity and wisdom. Manjushri, Chenrezig, and Vajrapani are depicted above and Green Tara below.


Canvas 30.5" x 21.25" 

Brocade Included 58.5" x 42" at widest point


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