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Medicine Buddha Herbal Realm Golden Unbrocaded Thangka

Medicine Buddha Herbal Realm Golden Unbrocaded Thangka

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Medicine Buddha is depicted on a fine textured painted gold background, at the center of his palace mandala teaching four groups of disciples; gods, saints, Buddhists, and non Buddhists the science of healing. The nature of the depiction can be studied as a metaphor for Tibetan medicine, that all things in the physical realm can be used for healing. The palace is surrounded by four mountains which represent the four directions and the perfect environments for various healing plants, minerals, and springs. The Medicine Buddha heals illness, purifies, and relieves suffering of the living and the dead. His mantra 'Teyata om bekandze bekanzde maha bekandze radza samu gate soha'.


Canvas 23.25" x 20" 

This thangka does not have brocade, and is the canvas only. Brocade can be added upon request for an additional $250. 

All items are final sale, no refunds or exchanges are accepted.

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