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One Hundred Peaceful and Wrathful Deities of Bardo Thangka Set

One Hundred Peaceful and Wrathful Deities of Bardo Thangka Set

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This set depicts the hundred peaceful and wrathful deities of Bardo symbolizing the perfected states of the meditators' own awareness, sensory and mental process. 

The peaceful deities represent natural purity while the wrathful deities are the transformative aspects. 

Central to the assembly of peaceful deities is Samantabhadra depicted in sacred union with his consort Samantabhadri who represents the feminine aspects of wisdom. Samantabhadra represents the original mind and the unity between awareness and compassion. He is the primordial Buddha, Dharmakaya or the mind of complete enlightenment.

The central figure of the wrathful assembly is Mahotta Heruka depicted with blue consort Krodhishvari  He is depicted with five other herukas and their consorts ;(from top left) Ratnaheruka, Padmaheruka (from bottom left) Vajraheruka, Buddhaheruka, Karmaheruka. Mahotta Heruka is the central wrathful sambhogakaya deity of the Nyingma tradition.

Has a crinkle along top edge of canvas.


Wrathful Heruka

Canvas 25.5" x 18" 

Brocade Included 51" x 32" at widest point

Samantabhadra With Consort

Canvas 26.5" x 19" 

Brocade Included 51.5" x 31" at the widest point

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