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Bhavacakra Wheel of Existence Thangka

Bhavacakra Wheel of Existence Thangka

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The Wheel of Life is a representation of the cycle of samsara. The wheel is held by the wrathful personification of samsara, Yama Lord of Death or Yami female daemon of death represent impermanence. The inner wheel represents the three poisons depicted as animals; pig-ignorance, snake-anger, rooster-desire . The outer sections represent the six realms of existence; god, asura, human, animal, hungry ghost, and hell.  A standing Shakyamuni is depicted above with a seated Maitreya or next Buddha of this age to the right. 


Canvas 30" x 22" 

Brocade Included 55.5" x 36 " at widest point


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