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White Tara Red Long Life Thangka

White Tara Red Long Life Thangka

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White Tara is the female Buddha of longevity, and she removes obstacles, heals illness, and promotes long life in order to be able to continue practicing the Dharma. The eyes in her palms, feet and forehead represent her maternal compassion and her ability to see and aid all who are suffering. Above her is Amitabha, Buddha of Infinite Light, below are Amitayas and long life deity NamgyalmaWhite Tara, Amitayas and Namgyalma are known as the 'Trinity of Long Life Deities' and they assist in auspicious rebirth. 

 This thangka was consecrated by monks as indicated by the marking on the back of the canvas around the deity and signature. 


Canvas 23.5" x 15.75" 

Brocade Included 49" x 31" at widest point


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